News & Activities

1st Annual Meeting in Leipzig

After our virtual kickoff-meeting (25th November 2021) we were very happy to came together in Leipzig for the first time in physical presence since the start of the SPP 2322 SoilSystems. The 1st annual meeting took place in the Leipziger KUBUS from 18th to 20th May 2022 and was hosted by colleagues from the UFZ (Department of Environmental Biotechnology & Department of Environmental Microbiology).

The meeting was opened with a joint presentation by the panel group, where general issues, a short scientific outline as well as a possible experimental approach of the SPP was presented. This was of special interest for the new Ph.D. students and colleagues, who did not attend the previous virtual meetings. Welcome to the SPP SoilSystems! A keynote was given by Matthias Kästner (UFZ Leipzig) afterwards with the title: How to estimate the theoretical energy release of a turnover reaction in soil? – an introduction into a dark area. At the poster and coffee session in the afternoon, all young scientists presented their projects and came in touch with all other SPP members. A scientific committee evaluated the posters and announced the winners of the first SPP SoilSystems poster prize:

  1. Martin Endress (University of Cologne) – P15: C-timing
  2. Marc Piecha (University of Greifswald) – P9: MYXED-UP & Guodong Shao (University of Tuebingen) – P14: EcoEnergeticS

Congratulation to the awardees!

On the second and third day of the meeting, the focus was on two different workshops. Thomas Maskow (UFZ Leipzig) and his group gave a hands-on workshop on calorespirometry including a theoretical background into soil thermodynamics, sample preparation, experimentation and data evaluation. Anja Miltner (UFZ Leipzig) introduced the SoilSystems community into mass balances using isotopes. Many thanks to Thomas, Anja and colleagues for giving these exciting workshops.

The first come together at the 1st annual meeting was also used to elect an Ombudsperson of the SPP as well as a Representative for the Young Scientist. Tessa Camenzind (Freie Universität Berlin) is the Ombudsperson from now on, while Alina Rupp (UFZ Leipzig) represents the Young Scientists in cooperation with Ubaida Yousaf (University of Trier). Congratulations and many thanks for volunteering.