23.10. – 25.10.2023Workshop “Scientific writing”Thünen Institute for Biodiversity, Brunswick
27.02. – 29.02.20243rd annual meeting / SOMmic WorkshopTrier University
Sep 2024International Conference (SOMmic Workshop)Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Planned events but not yet scheduled:

  • Training course “Data management with BExIS”
  • Coaching event “Equal opportunity in Science”

SoilSystems Webinar Series

The webinar series shall provide a platform for the participants of the SPP2322 SoilSystems to meet eminent scientists, to learn about their most recent advances, and to discuss results with them. The webinars shall facilitate the discussion of distinguished researchers with all scientific career levels in the SPP and shall particularly diminish inhibitions of young researchers.

Invited speakers will be distinguished scientists from different disciplines that are closely linked to the objectives of the SPP2322 SoilSystems. The webinars will focus on fundamental research and will address the topics carbon and energy fluxes, thermodynamics, microorganisms, trophic interactions, and modelling in soil systems.

The SoilSystems webinars will be held quarterly in digital format via Zoom. The access links will be distributed among the participants of SoilSystems via the internal SoilSystems mailing list. Feel free to share the link with additional members of your group. If admitted the webinars will be recorded and provided to the SoilSystems audience via the intranet. For further information, please contact Dr. Marcel Lorenz (

Upcoming Webinars
Douglas E. LaRoweDo microbes care about the energy content of organic carbon?September 26, 20234:00-5:30 pm CEST
Past Webinars
Ph.D. Nicolai PanikovSoil decomposition: introduction to the biokinetic paradigmMay 3, 2023
Prof. Alain F. PlanteMeasuring the energy content of soil organic matterFeb 9, 2023
Dr. Théodore BouchezThe microbial transition state theory for linking microbial growth rates to energy balancesDec 14, 2022
Dr. Arjun ChakrawalBioenergetic approaches in soil systems for studying SOM decompositionOct 6, 2022
Assoc. Prof. Hyun-Seob SongOmics integration for predictive biogeochemical and reactive transport modelingJun 1, 2022
Prof. Dr. Nieves BarrosCalculation and interpretation of soil thermodynamic properties: challenge or reality?Feb 7, 2022